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Chuck Woolery's new game show is "Guess how many vasectomies I've had," and it sucks

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For fans of the early ’90s game show version of Scrabble—what up, our Scrabheads—there are few things more depressing than host Chuck Woolery’s Twitter career, a triple-word score barrage of right-wing, anti-progressive bullshit full of Trump support and attacks on ideas like reproductive rights and climate change. (And yes, we know Woolery also hosted The Love Connection, but this is a Scrabble house.) Mostly it’s just deeply dispiriting, but occasionally it’s also pretty fucking weird, as it was today, when Woolery invited America to kindly contemplate his own personal reproductive functions:

Woolery brought up this particular personal choice as part of a typically Woolery-headed take on abortion rights—arguing, we guess, that abortion helps women not to give birth to babies, which…okay?—but it’s just such a weirdly specific brag that we can’t help but fixate on it. (Certainly, it’s going to make our next re-watch of Greed feel a little weird, as we glumly consider the current state of Woolery’s pipes with each new episode.) Vasectomies (and their reversals) are, of course, complete normal, and not something to be stigmatized. But that doesn’t make Woolery’s call to “Match that”—maybe for charity, possibly—any less bizarre.

Anyway, there’s no word yet on whether Game Show Network has considered Woolery’s latest pitch; after all, when it comes to vasectomies, there’s a vas deferens between the real world and what people actually want to see on their TVs.

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