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Chuck Tingle got Futurama’s Bender to read his new “Tingler” on @Midnight

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Chuck Tingle did indeed show up for his scheduled appearance on Comedy Central’s @Midnight last night, but we’re still no closer to being pounded in the butt with the truth of who the enigmatic online erotica sensation really is. Wearing sunglasses and a Shia LaBeouf-style bag over his head reading “Please Respect My Privacy” and flanked by a muscular hunk in a dinosaur mask and Frankenstein’s Monster, “Tingle’s” exaggerated vocal tics are weird, but haltingly and seemingly calculatedly so, providing fuel for the theory that his entire persona is an elaborate hoax. Or maybe it isn’t, and he’s just that strange. We don’t have concrete proof either way, which is, of course, part of the fun.


But there was one exciting reveal that definitely did happen on last night’s episode, and that’s Futurama’s John DiMaggio reviving his Bender persona to read aloud from Tingle’s latest “Tingler,” Pounded By The Poll To Decide Which Tingler I Write. And let’s just say that, while you may think you’ve heard it all, you’ve never heard anything until you’ve heard the words “the poll’s massive dong springs forth!” spoken in Bender’s voice. Kiss my shiny metal ass, indeed.

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