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Given the way the Fight Club movie has skyrocketed from cult hit to required viewing for angsty teenagers, it’s surprising that more Chuck Palahniuk books haven’t gotten big-screen adaptations. Well, it would be surprising if so many of Palahniuk’s books weren’t aggressively weird and off-putting, at least. (cough cough). According to The Wrap, though, another one of Palahniuk’s novels is finally getting an adaptation: Lullaby.


Indie director Andy Mingo will direct, indie producer Josh Leake will produce, and The Wrap expects Mingo to co-write the script with Palahniuk himself. Lullaby is about a man who discovers that an African chant called the “culling song” is apparently responsible for a series of mysterious infant deaths, but like all Palahniuk books, things quickly branch out and get more twisty from there. The film adaptation of Lullaby is set to start filming early next year. Also, it’s worth noting that James Franco is not involved in this production, though he’s probably still working on his adaptation of Palahniuk’s Rant.

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