(Photo: Getty Images For The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Winter)

Everyone enjoys making fun of Donald Trumpā€”because heā€™s a dummy and a creep who is bad at everything he attemptsā€”and though not every joke at his expense can be as monumental as the first time somebody pointed out that his hands are disproportionately small, it can still be cathartic to get some digs in from time to time. After all, refusing to take him seriously diminishes some of his evil power, and it keeps him from looking like anything but the creep/dummy he truly is. That brings us to sitcom mogul Chuck Lorre, who snuck a little bit of Trump mockery into his vanity card during the end credits of Thursdayā€™s episode of The Big Bang Theory.

As reported by The Wrap, the end of the episodeā€™s credits showed a very brief shot of a Nielsen TV ratings grid for March of 2006, during a time when Trumpā€™s The Apprentice and Lorreā€™s Two And A Half Men were both on:

The image shows that Two And A Half Menā€˜s ā€œErgo, The Booty Callā€ managed to beat The Apprentice, and just to underline his point, Lorre added: ā€œDefeat terrorism and crazy dictators? He couldnā€™t even defeat Two And A Half Men.ā€ Again, itā€™s not the kind of joke thatā€™s going to blow anyoneā€™s mindā€”and it probably wouldā€™ve been a bigger statement last yearā€”but itā€™s still not bad. Also, as The Wrap points out, this isnā€™t the first time Lorre has used his vanity cards the way the rest of us use our Twitter accounts.