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Chuck gets renewed, Heroes hangs in the balance

Testifying to the power of flash mobs, we guess, NBC has officially renewed Chuck, agreeing to give the perpetually-on-the-bubble show another shot at making the network love it over the course of its 13-episode probation.

Fellow on-the-bubble show Heroes, however, is said to be looking at three possible endgames, the least likely of which is a midseason pick-up of 13 episodes. (A full season is already off the table.) While the network could just cancel it altogether and put our own Steve Heisler out of his misery at last, apparently the most likely scenario involves a two-to-four episode “climactic finale” airing in 2011 that will wrap everything up and give the show the chance to introduce at least two new Ali Larter characters. Deadline says it’s possible that if no decision is made today, NBC could wait to decide the show’s future until after this summer’s upfronts. Sorry, Steve.


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