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Chuck fans planning to stage flash mobs on Monday

With Chuck still awaiting an official pickup from NBC, fans are once again attempting to attract the network’s attention and melt their cold hearts with a warm island song (or is it cool their hot hearts with a cool island song?). Last year’s “Finale And A Footlong” campaign—where fans gorged on Subway sandwiches until NBC couldn't bear to watch anymore—was a success, proving that such stunts have at least some effect. This Monday, Chuck-heads in Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, and Philadelphia will put together flash mobs where supporters will gather dressed in Buy More-styled clothing (i.e. short-sleeved shirts, nametags, etc.). According to the Hollywood Reporter, this year’s event is less about sending a message that fans would support the show’s advertisers than it is trying to “market the show to potential viewers.” Because if you were trying to grab lunch during your busy workday and you were crowded off the sidewalk by a bunch of people in matching short-sleeved shirts and nametags, you would at least be curious, right?


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