This year's Chronicle offered an inventive contrast to the standard superhero film, so naturally the push has been on ever since to get director Josh Trank behind the camera of a standard superhero film as soon as possible, if he thinks he's so smart. Most recently Trank was in talks to direct the Spider-Man spin-off Venom for Sony, but today Deadline reports that his next project will actually be Fox's long-discussed Fantastic Four reboot—a film the studio is fast-tracking (much like its still-gestating second stab at Daredevil, which just lost its director) in order to prevent the rights reverting to Marvel and Disney, who have so far selfishly hoarded far too much of the Marvel superhero money by making superior movies. Trank would help combat that tyranny by directing from a script by Green Lantern writer Michael Green, lending his unique sensibilities to totally reinventing the franchise from its two middling mid-'00s incarnations, or maybe just trying an origin story again without Jessica Alba. "Hey, whatever it takes, just as long as it fulfills those stipulations on the intellectual property rights before they're returned to their original owner," no fan is saying anywhere.