For months now we’ve been left to puzzle out the details of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, knowing only that the film concerns theoretical physics, a heroic space voyage “to the furthest borders of our scientific understanding,” and lots of famous people. But while Nolan himself has remained typically reticent on any specifics beyond that, a new report claims that the film may also take us to the furthest borders of our understanding of corn.

With the admonition that the information below could constitute a spoiler to those who regard even the most broadly sketched plot detail as a “spoiler”—as well as the fact that it comes from a small, local paper in Alberta, Canada (where the movie is shooting), in an article that doesn’t even spell Matthew McConaughey’s name correctlyInterstellar is ostensibly about this:

"Set in the future, the movie details the toll climate change has taken on agriculture, with corn the last crop to be cultivated. The scientists embark on a journey through a worm hole into other dimensions in search of somewhere other crops can be grown.”


Lending some credence to the story, the article notes that McConaughey and co-star John Lithgow were spotted filmed a scene set in a large dust storm, the sort you’d see in a world ravaged by global warming, while driving a pickup truck, a vehicle often used for the transport of corn.

Anyway, none of this has been officially confirmed, of course. However, previous reports on the film's plot have noted that it revolves around “the discovery of an energy source from the Hawking radiation from a nearby blackhole”—or as it’s known in layman’s terms, a cornhole, the kind just waiting to be plumbed by Matthew McConaughey, Space Farmer.

In related news, it’s the Friday before Labor Day, so we’re just gonna talk about space corn.  [via The Playlist]