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Christopher Nolan will guest-edit the December issue of Wired

Christopher Nolan has already suggested that people will need to see Interstellar more than once and buy a book that the movie’s executive producer wrote in order to properly understand it, and it looks like we can now add “the December issue of Wired” to that list as well. That’s because Nolan is going to be the magazine’s “guest editor” for that month, and while it won’t all be about Interstellar, it will still have plenty of information about the kind of out-there science that the movie was ostensibly about.

According to a Wired press release, the magazine will abandon its usual mullet-inspired structure—short articles in the front, long articles in the back—in favor of a “five dimension”-based layout in which the concepts behind the articles grow “increasingly complex” as the reader gets deeper into the magazine. Also, if a reader dies on one of the deeper levels, they’ll either die in real life or get trapped in an endless magazine wasteland called Limbo. Wired recommends that readers not lose their personal totem, or else it could become difficult to discern what’s real life and what’s an article about real life.


The digital version of the issue will be available on November 17, and the print version—for people who hate technology but still read Wired—will be on newsstands on November 25. We just hope it has an in-depth analysis of how Batman was able to get from that prison to Gotham—and set up that flaming logo—before the bomb went off in Dark Knight Rises. “Because he’s Batman” would be a pretty short article, though.

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