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Christopher Nolan sure does like to shoot closeups of people’s hands

The lyrics of a 1958 Eydie Gorme hit, later covered by The Sex Pistols, declare that “you need hands to hold someone you care for.” The song goes on to detail numerous uses for hands: stopping a bus, thanking the Lord, holding a baby, etc. Hands, the song argues, are quite often handy. Christopher Nolan might well agree with this sentiment. Over the course of his career, the director has demonstrated an affinity for hands that might be the equivalent of Quentin Tarantino’s infamous foot fetish. “Hands Of Nolan” by Spanish editor Jorge Luengo Ruiz is an artful six-minute supercut consisting entirely of shots of people’s hands culled from nine separate Nolan features, ranging from 1998’s Following to 2014’s Interstellar. Ruiz is the artist behind other visually dazzling supercuts devoted to Breaking Bad, Alfred Hitchcock, and Pixar.


Hands of Nolan from Jorge Luengo Ruiz on Vimeo.

Some of the most affecting shots in “Hands Of Nolan” come from 2000’s Memento. In that film, Guy Pearce’s memory-addled character turns his whole body into a big Post-it note, including his hands. Plus he needs his hand to write more reminders and warnings to his future self. In the Dark Knight trilogy, meanwhile, billionaire vigilante Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) uses his hands to sketch out the perfect bat insignia. And, yes, there’s a shot here of the character slipping his hand into one of those famous Batman gloves with the sharp, pointy gauntlets. The Prestige features, appropriately enough, some sleight of hand. Can’t have the sleight without the hand. And guess what Leonardo DiCaprio uses to pick up that damned top from Inception? That’s right. He uses his hand.


[via Laughing Squid]

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