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Christopher Nolan appears to have settled on his next project, besides giving cryptic answers about Justice League: It’s Interstellar, another script from Nolan’s brother Jonathan that their mother insisted Christopher be nice to his brother and read, then consider directing. The film is described as a sci-fi project that “involves time travel and alternate dimensions and sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole”—an appropriately complex, twisty premise that has some genuine scientific grounding in the work of theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, and gravitational physicist Kip Thorne, so you can stuff any complaints regarding story logic down your own wormhole, where they can be debated by the Internet of a parallel universe.


Negotiations are currently underway for Nolan to direct and produce Interstellar, which was until recently attached to Steven Spielberg. As of now it’s unclear whether Spielberg will remain involved, particularly given that the suspension of the Robopocalypse seems to have cleared his schedule somewhat. Though of course, some alternate reality version of Steven Spielberg has already begun work on it, as a follow-up to his successful Batman trilogy. (His Batman is an alien.)

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