Kick-Ass 2

According to Variety, Christopher Mintz-Plasse has joined Joel McHale in the cast of the CBS comedy pilot The Great Indoors. McHale will star an adventure reporter tasked with managing the squirrelly millennials who work in his magazine’s digital department. Mintz-Plasse will be a guy named Clark, and he’s described as “a tech/nerd survivalist who knows everything about surviving at sea, in the woods, and on Mars, but hasn’t left downtown in five years.” Presumably, this incongruity will inspire McHale to scowl and say a lot of snarky things in a fun, charming way, possibly while mentioning his abs. Meanwhile, Mintz-Plasse will wrestle internally with the fact that everyone will always think of him as McLovin, no matter what he does; The Great Indoors could go on for a dozen seasons, but a tiny part of everyone watching will still think of him as McLovin. The show will have to get picked up by CBS before that can happen, though, so he shouldn’t worry about that just yet.