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Christopher Mintz-Plasse joins Jimmy Fallon’s Sharing pilot

After Superbad, Christopher Mintz-Plasse seemed like he would be doomed to be “McLovin” forever. Since then, though, he has avoid typecasting by playing a geeky kid who becomes a vampire in Fright Night, a geeky kid who likes LARPing in Role Models, a geeky kid who becomes a supervillain in Kick-Ass, and even a geeky kid who once played a character named McLovin in This Is The End.

Now, Variety says he has been cast in Sharing, a new NBC comedy pilot executively produced by Jimmy Fallon, and his character doesn’t sound anything like McLovin. Instead, he’ll be an “eager-to-please and confident office receptionist who tries hard and wants everyone to like him, but isn’t that competent.” See? At no point in that description did it mention him getting a fake driver’s license with the name “McLovin” on it. He’s totally different!


Sharing is about a bunch of people who work in a shared office space in New York, and it also stars Christine Taylor, Jack Carpenter, Greta Lee, Jerry Minor, and Stephen Schneider.

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