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Christopher Meloni joining True Blood as a presumably shirtless regular

Illustration for article titled Christopher Meloni joining emTrue Blood /emas a presumably shirtless regular

No longer tasked with pushing the sexual assault-broom across the pervy city streets, Law And Order: SVU refugee Christopher Meloni has landed another recurring series role on HBO’s True Blood, where the perviness and sexual assault are all tinged with mmmmagic. According to executive producer Alan Ball, Meloni will play “an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands,” which suggests Meloni’s return to HBO will be every bit as homoerotic as his former gig on Oz. And much like Oz, Meloni will probably also be required to be at least half-naked most of the time, because that is how True Blood works. (Please note that Christopher Meloni was also in Wet Hot American Summer, a fact we are bound by The A.V. Club stylebook to mention in every Meloni-related article.)


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