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Christopher McQuarrie will direct a movie that is not somehow related to Tom Cruise

Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie has seen his career flourish thanks to several collaborations with Tom Cruise in the last five years, from Valkyrie and the now-retitled Edge Of Tomorrow, through directing Jack Reacher and the upcoming fifth Mission: Impossible film (not to mention working on the possibly scrapped Top Gun sequel). But now he’s attached to a rare project without Cruise, Three To Kill, an adaptation of the 1976 novel by French author Jean-Patrick Manchette—a book that was previously adapted into the Eisner-nominated graphic novel West Coast Blues in 2009 by Jacques Tardi. Colin Firth will star as "a disillusioned businessman" who is "being hunted by two relentless sociopaths” after witnessing a murder. An adaptation of another Manchette novel, The Prone Gunman, is already in production with Taken director Pierre Morel starring Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, and Idris Elba.


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