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Christopher Lloyd and William Shatner are having a Senior Moment

Back To The Future

Variety reports that the sci-fi star crossover of our dreams is finally happening—albeit not in the way we might have expected when we were mashing our Star Trek and Back To The Future action figures together when we were kids. Christopher Lloyd has signed on for William Shatner’s romantic comedy Senior Moment, playing a buddy of Shatner’s hotshot former test pilot who gets busted by a program designed to get “dangerous” senior drivers off the road. (We can only hope that Lloyd’s test to keep his license doesn’t include the dreaded question, “What does a yellow light mean?”)

The former Taxi star has been keeping busy in recent years, with appearances in everything from The Big Bang Theory to The Simpsons. In film, he just appeared in Morgan Freeman’s “old dudes partying” flick Going In Style, and as a suspected murderer in last year’s indie horror picture I Am Not A Serial Killer.


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