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Christopher Lee gets animated in one of his final roles

Extraordinary Tales

There’s been a rush of online tributes to the great Christopher Lee since his death last week at the age of 93. Happily, however, Lee continued to work until the end of his life, meaning we can still look forward to new work from the iconic actor. Deadline reports that Extraordinary Tales, an animated anthology film based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe and featuring the voice work from Lee, will be released October 30. It’s being released by GKIDS, a production company that has earned six Oscar nominations in the past six years for its films, including last year’s superb Ernest & Celestine. Along with Lee, the new film features the voices of Julian Sands, Guillermo Del Toro, B-movie maven Roger Corman, and—interestingly—Bela Lugosi. (It’s from a radio recording the late actor performed of “The Tell-Tale Heart.”) It should provide the perfect outing for your Halloween festivities, because what’s a scary movie without a little Christopher Lee?

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