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Christoph Waltz to hunt Liam Hemsworth for sport

Photo: Nicholas Hunt (Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

Get excited, Quibi fans! We’ve got some more hot news about everyone favorite upcoming streaming service with the worst name (and that’s saying something, since we’ve got multiple streaming services coming that just took an existing thing and added “Plus” to the end). As reported by Deadline, Christoph Waltz has signed on to the untitled action thriller from Scorpion’s Nick Santora, joining the previously cast Liam Hemsworth. Actually, Deadline capitalizes “Untitled Action Thriller,” so maybe it’ll be called Untitled Action Thriller. That gag is always fun.

Regardless, the series is about a man with a terminal illness who agrees to take part in a “deadly game” in order to make money for his pregnant wife before he does. Unfortunately, this deadly game involves him getting hunted by some other person who is probably a rich asshole. Hemsworth will be playing Dodge Maynard, the guy getting hunted, while Waltz will play Miles Sellers, a man who is neither Miles Teller nor Peter Sellers but is probably the guy doing the hunting. On the one hand, this sounds reasonably fun and Christoph Waltz was born to play a guy who hunts humans for sport, but on the other hand, the name Quibi is short for “quick bites of content,” which—as we’ve said over and over again—is not great.


If you’d like to learn more about Quibi (and how could you not?), we’ve compiled a handy list of the many, many, many projects coming to the service at some point.

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