Mad Men

Deadline reports that the lead female role in the Showtime series Roadies will no longer be played by Christina Hendricks, as creator Cameron Crowe is reportedly re-conceiving and recasting the role. Hendricks was hired last December to play production manager Shelli, and the decision to revamp the character was made after the pilot was shot. According to industry sources, the split was amicable, and Crowe is currently rewriting the character.

Since Shelli was billed as being “tough and ingenious” in the original pilot, perhaps that means the new character will be so weak and dumb that she can’t tell an amp from another black rectangular object of nearly equal size and weight. Whatever her qualities, there’s a good chance the character will serve as a romantic interest for a male character who needs to get his life in order, as that seems to be Crowe’s favorite trope. After all, these meets aren’t going to cute themselves.