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Christina Hendricks gets in the van for Cameron Crowe’s Roadies

Christina Hendricks is putting down the accordion and picking up a guitar case (she’ll probably have somebody else carry the amps up the stairs though) for her first post-Mad Men TV gig. Hendricks has been cast in Cameron Crowe’s comedy pilot Roadies, where she’ll play a “tough and ingenious” production manager who is the girl Friday to Luke Wilson’s tour manager. Imogen Poots has also been cast in an unknown role.

In the music business, the production manager is head of the technical crew, so expect to see Hendricks talking levels or whatever with the audio engineer when Roadies debuts, most likely on Showtime. (The hour-long pilot is set to film in Vancouver in early 2015, but no release date has been set.) Hendricks probably won’t be able to wear gorgeous vintage dresses on Roadies like she does on Mad Men, but if anybody can make a Pearl Jam T-shirt and lanyard look stylish, she can.


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