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Christina Applegate may be joining that new National Lampoon's Vacation movie

With Ed Helms already set to play the latest stage of metamorphosis in the constantly shape-shifting Rusty Griswold’s life, the update of National Lampoon’s Vacation has moved on to the wife who sticks by him, despite Rusty’s inherited doofiness and the omnipresent fear that tomorrow his liquid features could mutate beyond all recognition. That wife will likely be played by Christina Applegate, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which says the star who recently fled Up All Night is in talks to join the reboot/sequel about a new generation of Griswolds taking another road trip to Wally World. Applegate’s character is described as a “strong-willed” counterpart to Helms’ Rusty who also “might be losing interest in him”—a growing distance that could take a horrible turn when she awakes to find Rusty’s face has suddenly taken on the leaner contours of Will Arnett, and he’s demanding they get back to their baby and talk-show host friend.


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