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Christian Slater signs on to star in TV show that has not yet been canceled

In what is being hailed as his most successful TV project in six years, Christian Slater has been booked as the lead in the USA Network’s Mr. Robot, a drama that, as of this writing, has not already been canceled. Slater joins the show as the lead character, a “mysterious anarchist” who hides behind the handle of “Mr. Robot” as he runs an underground hacking that’s ring out to destroy corporate America through its underground hacking—details that Slater is believed to have been briefed on, before receiving the far more important confirmation that this is a show that still has a chance to air on television. That gave it a distinct advantage over Slater’s previous efforts Mind Games, Breaking In, The Forgotten, and My Own Worst Enemy, which are all series that—despite Slater’s best efforts, and their own respective successes and followings—were quickly retooled into shows that don’t exist anymore. That Mr. Robot is not yet one of them is all Slater needed to hear.

Mr. Robot is still in the pilot stage, that annual time of year when Christian Slater just gets the feeling that everything’s gonna work out.


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