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Christian Slater plays Pokémon Go, might not “get” what Mr. Robot is about

Mr. Robot

Given that they’re right in the middle of the sophomore season of their breakout USA hit, the cast of Mr. Robot couldn’t give much away at their panel at Comic-Con tonight. (Star Rami Malek did reveal that his character Elliot remains haunted by the death of his girlfriend Shayla in the show’s first season, a state that probably won’t spell much good for Elliot’s already fractured mental state.) But for the most part, they kept themselves to character motivations, and heaping praise on creator Sam Esmail (busy off editing the rest of season 2), and composer Mac Quayle. Oh, and Pokémon Go, of course.

The show’s cast were asked whether any of them are playing the popular smartphone app—which Esmail is presumably kicking himself for not incorporating into his paranoid technological world, given its near-instant infiltration of millions of people’s data. The first hand up? Mr. Robot himself, Christian Slater, who may not be absorbing as many of his character’s growling lines about personal freedom and the anarchy of the online world as one might hope. Moderator Chris Hardwick was quick to point out the irony of Slater handing out his Google login in exchange for some hot Pidgeys and Ghastlys (even as he exulted in the fact that they’re both apparently rolling with Team Mystic.) (Ugh.)


Anyway, please don’t hack Mr. Robot’s Pokémon Go account. It would make Oliver Stone so sad.

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