Mind Games—a show created by Kyle Killen and starring Christian Slater, as if it was some mad experiment in creating a TV series destined to be canceled by a broadcast network—has been pulled from the ABC schedule. The announcement confirms that Mind Games is indeed a network television show created by Kyle Killen and starring Christian Slater. As testament to its Killen-Slater bona fides, the workplace procedural about a consulting firm that employs psychological manipulation in order to subtly influence positive outcomes for its clients (which, believe it or not, counts as one of the lower-concept network-television projects from the creator of Awake and the former star of My Own Worst Enemy) debuted to soft ratings and continued sliding from there, with its fifth-and-final episode notching a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic this past Tuesday. Silver lining: Five episodes is three episodes more than Lone Star got, and that show was fantastic.

Of course, this being a comedically tinged ensemble drama starring Christian Slater—much like the late Breaking In—there’s always a chance for a comeback. Then again, Mind Games is an hour-long, network-television series created by Kyle Killen, so probably not. Better Any luck next time, guys!