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Christian Bale was also in the running to play Han Solo’s mentor

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Though Woody Harrelson appears to have been entrusted with teaching Alden Ehrenreich the ways of the rogue in the young Han Solo movie, Disney reportedly also considered Christian Bale for the part. The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit, who also covered Harrelson’s casting, tweeted that Bale was the other “big name” being considered by the studio and directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord to play Han’s mentor.


Bale certainly could have taught Ehrenreich how to smolder, but Harrelson’s affability lends itself better to the part. But who knows, maybe Han used to be way more intense than he appears in the original trilogy? In any case, this wouldn’t be the first time Bale’s name came up in a Star Wars casting room—he was previously rumored to be up for the role of Anakin Skywalker in the prequels.

[via Screenrant]

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