The long, winding road to finding out who will play Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle’s upcoming biopic has taken another turn. Earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio seemed close to landing the role of the tech pioneer behind the iPhone, the iPad, and the really long lines to get a new iPhone or iPad. Then DiCaprio announced that he was taking a break from acting following the completion of his bear-mauling drama The Revenant, forcing producers to consider a new group of actors, including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. After what we’ll assume was a night spent rappelling from skyscraper to skyscraper in state-of-the-art Batman costumes, Christian Bale emerged victorious and is now in the lead for the part.

At the beginning of this journey, way back when David Fincher was in talks to direct, Christian Bale was that director’s first choice to play Jobs, so if he’s cast it would wrap things up in a very neat, circular fashion. No matter who gets the part, expect the Aaron Sorkin-penned movie to make that 2013 version with Ashton Kutcher seem even less relevant.


[via The Wrap]