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Christian Bale drops out of Ferrari biopic because he’s just too darn healthy

The Machinist

Christian Bale doesn’t have the same reputation for being a hardcore method actor that Daniel Day Lewis does, but he’s still known for being willing to do some pretty crazy stuff to his body for a role. He famously lost more than 60 pounds for The Machinist, bulked back up for Batman Begins, cut off his own finger (to match the look of his identical twin) for The Prestige, lost a bunch of weight again for The Fighter, gained more weight for American Hustle, and then probably lost some weight after that. Apparently, though, there’s a limit to what Christian Bale is willing to do.

According to Deadline, Bale has been forced to drop out of Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari biopic over “health concerns.” Bale says he just can’t safely gain the amount of weight he needs before the movie starts filming, which makes it sound like the problem is simply that he’s not trying hard enough. Is Christian Bale aware that they now make Chips Ahoy cookies that are filled with Oreo stuff? Or that Taco Bell has something called a Spicy Beefy Nacho Crunchwrap Slider that only costs $1? Has he even bothered to try eating that stuff while sitting in front of a TV and playing Fallout 4? If not, then no, he’s not really trying to gain weight.


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