Continuing the current Bible craze that’s sweeping every corner of Hollywood, except for the souls, Ridley Scott’s Moses tale Exodus has begun to finalize its cast for a September start date—thus making it God’s chosen one over Steven Spielberg’s, with all the persecution that entails. Fortunately, there’s no reason to quibble with Scott’s choices of Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton to play Moses and Ramses, respectively, with these two fine Welsh and Australian actors finally taking on the roles of the Jewish leader and Egyptian pharaoh they were born to play. (And the Lord said unto Moses, “Go to Pharoah and say, ‘Look here, you mad bastard. Stop being such a cunt and let my people go, yeah?’" But the Pharoah hardened his heart and did not listen. “Fuck off, mate,” he said.—Exodus 9:1) Scott is also reportedly considering replacing the Red Sea with maybe a nice turquoise.