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Chrissy Teigen "apologizes" for "spoiling" The Voice after The Voice already spoiled The Voice

Photo: Michael Buckner (Getty Images)

This season of NBC’s The Voice finally came to an end Tuesday night. After auditions, battle rounds, semifinals, duets, sob stories, and regular finals (maybe even regionals?), Maelyn Jarmon was declared the winner. Her victory was shared by coach John Legend, who managed to pull a win during his very first season. Naturally, Chrissy Teigen - model, author, TV personality, and oh yeah, John Legend’s wife - found the news fairly exciting and felt an urge to publicly celebrate. So when the official Voice Twitter account announced Jarmon’s victory, Teigen understandably retweeted it.

The move was met with some ire from the West Coast, where the show had not aired just yet. “How about a huge SPOILER alert!!!” one fan tweeted, while others questioned whether she could have waited for another few hours to post her excitement. Teigen responded with what could only be interpreted as an apology to those who have never encountered the eye roll emoji or Teigen herself.


Not quite finished, she followed that up with another quip:

The precious regard for spoilers has long-reached an extreme that fails to take shows like The Voice, Game Of Thrones, Empire, and others - shows that were largely made popular by social media engagement - into consideration. It’s one thing to show restraint for films, which aren’t as widely accessible as television, but the nature of TV is now so integrated with Twitter culture (hence why some shows have a faint hashtag resting in the corner of the screen, urging you to tweet your nerd rants in real-time) that you can almost count on your favorite show(s) being actively analyzed before the ending credits, tweet-by-tweet. While it’s possible that fans may not have immediately recognized Teigen’s account as a possible source of Voice-related information, the risk of running into an unwelcome spoiler anywhere is just too great to consider cruising social media prior to watching. Self-governing is still very much a thing.

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