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If any series could use a shake-up, it’s Saw. James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s morality slasher felt innovative upon its 2004 release, but the story’s spinning wheels and the audience’s growing disinterest in the franchise’s grimy, skin-flaying brand of gore rendered many of the sequels superfluous. A 2017 sorta-reboot, Jigsaw, did little to reignite interest in the series’ long-term possibilities, but then, lo and behold, Chris Rock strolled in with “a completely fresh perspective” and we got...kind of excited?

Rock’s vision, which was penned by Jigsaw writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, was rumored to be titled The Organ Donor, but a new trailer for the film reveals it’s called Spiral: From The Book Of Saw, which sounds like a convoluted way of saying “A Saw Story.”


There’s no sign of Tobin Bell in the below clip—a good thing since, spoiler, he’s been dead since the third one—and, aside from a brief tease of the series’ gear-powered traps, it unfolds more as a crime thriller than a horror movie. But the signs are there: There’s the spirals that line Billy the Puppet’s face splashed against a wall, and Samuel L. Jackson’s character echoes Jigsaw by asking an unseen motherfucker if they “wanna play games. The most intriguing tease, however, comes at the end, when we see Rock’s character in a similar predicament to the first film’s Lawrence Gordon, rusty saw and all.

Darren Lynn Bousman, who helmed the second, third, and fourth installments, returns as director, while Jackson, Max Minghella, and Marisol Nichols round out the supporting cast.

Spiral: From The Book Of Saw slices and dices screens on May 15. See a pretty kickass poster for the film below.


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