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Chris Rock wants to romance Melissa McCarthy

Chris Rock has yet to make the kind of impact in movies that he's had as a stand-up comic, but he keeps trying—and, to his credit, he does seek out terrific collaborators. According to a report from Sundance, working with Melissa McCarthy is now one of the top items on his bucket list. "I'm trying to romance her," Rock said of McCarthy, who’s obviously been in demand following her recent Emmy win (for a show that no one who isn’t full of sodium pentathol will admit to watching) and Oscar nomination for Bridesmaids. Rock's dream is that McCarthy will join him for a movie he's writing, in which the two would play what he describes as "a real Jerry Springer couple.”  Of course, Rock may have just had Jerry Springer on the brain, since he’d just spent Sundance listening to crazy people launching profane tirades in front of confused audiences.


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