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Chris Rock making a totally not-serious movie about comedians who try to make serious movies

While Chris Rock recently teased the world with a surprise co-headlining show with Dave Chappelle that you didn’t see, he’s also readying a project that more people actually can see (even if history suggests they probably won’t). Rock is prepping his third directorial feature with producers Scott Rudin and Barry Diller, also writing and starring in what Deadline describes as “an edgy showbiz-themed comedy with romance”—and that Showbiz411 suggests, via a leaked casting call, may concern the attempts of a comedian turned film star who wants to be seen as a “serious” actor by making only serious films.

Said attempts include making a “pretentious” movie that’s overshadowed by his upcoming televised wedding to a reality show star, then further complicated by his burgeoning affair with a “vintage, NYC downtown funky” journalist who’s also a single mother. Also along for the ride is the character “Silk,” Rock’s “very big and imposing African-American” assistant who “has a thing for big women.” So, definitely no chance of confusing Chris Rock’s character in this with the actual Chris Rock, then.


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