Last night while you were at home in your dumb city, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Marlon Wayans, Bill Bellamy, Hannibal Buress, and Questlove gathered for an impromptu performance at New York’s Comedy Cellar, famous as the nightclub featured in Louie and for being a place where you weren’t last night. This was preceded by the now only slightly less massive comedy event of Rock and Chappelle doing a surprise joint set on Tuesday where—after double-checking to make sure you weren’t around—they crank-texted-and-called Jay-Z and Arsenio Hall, and generally had a good time without you. Fortunately, Wednesday’s show was captured in pictures and words on Questlove’s Instagram, which is the only place the likes of you will see it. As Questlove describes:

I was working on the other side of the world when suddenly I got a “get yo arse down here NOW!!!!!” text. Sure enough I made it just in time to see the best night ever at the comedy cellar: Hannibal [Buress] was on 1st, then Chapelle did an amazing off the top bit about what life will be like in a South African jail with prosthetic legs…and the pope quitting his career too. & then the floodgates opened: Hart riffed on Spilling drinks on Hov then everyone got in a cipher doing a mini roast/dozens/lovefest about each other. It was honest to god like watching the comic version of “scenario” or “the symphony” jokes and punchlines were flying fast. Stories of way back when was told. And I had the best seat in the house (Dave told me to play piano….but I took the bench just to get a good view) amazing night watching #themaster5"


Anyway, this epic, one-night-only happening that you totally missed has naturally stoked those longstanding rumors of Rock and Chappelle maybe going out on tour together, with Rock now hinting they could hit the road as early as November. Hopefully there are more details to come on that, once Rock and Chappelle figure out where you live and how to avoid it.