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Chris Pratt's new diet comes straight from the (checks notes) Old Testament

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Chris Pratt shocked everyone when he transformed from Parks And Recs’ slovenly Andy to Guardians Of The Galaxy’s svelte Star-Lord, and the actor, being an A-lister and all, now must maintain that physique by any means necessary. For Pratt, that doesn’t mean embarking on a Whole30 or calling up Billy Blanks, but, rather, dusting off the original guide to weight loss. That’s right, the Bible.

In a new video posted to an Instagram Story, Pratt revealed that he’s on “day three of the Daniel Fast,” which he describes as “21 days of prayer and fasting.” According to People, the “partial fast” is “similar to a vegan diet,” with users only eating foods “grown from the seed” and drinking water while avoiding meat, dairy, solid fats, and leavened bread.


“It’s gonna coincide also coincidentally with the Lego Movie 2 junkets, so by the time you see me, I’ll probably be hallucinating,” he added, neglecting to mention whether he’ll arrive at the junkets, staff in hand, wearing a Ten Commandments robe.

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