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The people responsible for marketing Guardians Of The Galaxy have clearly realized what a potent promotional weapon they have in Chris Pratt, sending the actor out on a media blitz that’s caused the most drastic increase in the use of the word “charming” since the last time Jennifer Lawrence was promoting something. Whether he’s braiding hair, rapping, or just talking about how he ruined takes by making space-gun sounds with his mouth, the actor has been laying down a barrage of the c-word lately, like a raccoon with a charm-firing machine gun. (Guardians Of The Galaxy is a movie about a raccoon with a machine gun.)


Now, we have this video from Vulture of Pratt offering a guided tour of his Guardians character Peter Quill’s starship, the Milano, to add to the big pile of “Chris Pratt is charming” stuff. It‘s a short walkthrough, but it does show off how great a set the Milano is, full of moving switches, LED displays, and surprisingly little CGI. And at the end, Pratt sends the video into full-on MTV Cribs mode before telling the viewer to get the fuck out (but in a charming way, as mandated by law).

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