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Chris Pratt tries his hand at a Jason Statham impression in this cut SNL sketch

As Saturday Night Live is well aware, soundalike names and mispronunciation can be funny. (“I’ll take ‘the rapists’ for $200,” and so on.) Still, that wasn’t enough to save “Jason Statham Ad,” which the show cut from Chris Pratt’s episode this past September. Released just now for whatever reason—let’s just assume it’s Jurassic World—“Jason Statham Ad” finds Pratt doing a fairly decent husky British accent while stumbling over the phrase “Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums.” It’s a funny idea, but as the mild tittering from the audience proves, the actual sketch never really gets going. Let the following be a lesson to SNL writers present and future: You can’t recapture the magic of Jon Hamm’s John Ham. Don’t even try.

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