Now that Chris Pratt has demonstrated all you need to subdue velociraptors is nerves of steel and a can-do attitude, his “let’s all take a moment, dinos” pose is rapidly becoming its own entity. First, there were the zookeepers around the world who turned it into a meme. Now, it looks like Pratt may have realized he has stumbled into his career equivalent of fans asking William Shatner to say, “Beam me up, Scotty.” Over the weekend, a Reddit user named chrysias uploaded a photo of the actor, adopting his probably temporarily iconic pose during a visit to a children’s hospital.


This continues Pratt’s perpetual “I’m the best” goodwill tour, as Chris Evans and he engaged in some similar charity work earlier in the year, only that time in their respective Marvel Cinematic Universe guises. That’s in addition to the actor visiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to run lines from The Lego Movie. Chris Pratt: making the rest of us look like selfish assholes, one day at a time.