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Chris Pratt apparently painted a mural in a restaurant when he was a teenager

Parks And Recreation

If there’s one thing we can say about the career of Chris Pratt, it’s that it has been consistently surprising. Who would’ve thought the goofy jock from Everwood would turn out to be the goofy rock star from Parks And Recreation? And would’ve thought he’d then turn out to be a roguish space hero and a roguish dinosaur theme park employee? Finally, we know nobody would expect that roguish dinosaur theme park employee to have painted a museum-quality mural in an Italian restaurant when he was a teenager, but that’s exactly what happened. (Okay, it’s not museum-quality, but the rest is true!)

The work of art was discovered by Imgur user slartibartfas, who noticed that a large painting on the wall of Omega Pizza And Pasta in Great Falls, Washington was signed by a “Chris Pratt.” Upon closer inspection, slartibartfas noticed a framed cutout from TeenPeople magazine featuring an interview with a pre-famous Chris Pratt where he mentioned painting a mural for a friend’s restaurant. Ergo, he painted the very mural that slartibartfas was looking at!


Of course, it’s possible that this is an elaborate con on the part of the restaurant, but this seems like a weird thing to make up. Either way, you can see the photo of the mural below, along with the “proof.”


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