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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are out here doing more adorable shit for you

Screenshot: YouTube

At some point soon, Passengers costars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are going to appear behind you holding baby cats. They’ll feed you donuts and rub the knot in your neck, then build a snow fort in your front yard for the neighborhood kids. Their publicity tour for their almost universally pilloried new deep-space action rom-com has consisted largely of the two actors being funny, good-looking friends, on the prowl to charm your socks off. There was Pratt’s Instagram campaign to never appear in a picture alongside Lawrence, then a long volley of playful insults between the two on BBC One. Now, for Wired, they are answering the questions Google autocomplete demands of them. It’s—look, it’s Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, and they’re trying to be fucking friends for you. Are you not entertained?

While providing answers to burning questions like “Can Jennifer Lawrence speak Spanish?” (no) and “Is Chris Pratt in Star Wars?” (no), the two famous people rib each other gently and express the sort of easygoing camaraderie that critics say is wholly lacking in Passengers. Few questions are insightful, and few get a helpful answer. “What is Chris Pratt doing?” goes one early question, to which he responds that he is promoting Passengers, which, he adds with mock-seriousness, “critics are saying is the greatest movie in the history of time.” At this point, these two are trapped together not in deep space in the real-life oblivion of this publicity tour, searching desperately for escape.


[via Laughing Squid]

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