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Chris Pine has signed on for the most generic-sounding action-drama this side of Jack Ryan. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Line is a “gritty drama” that follows a patrol agent (Pine) who’s sent on a “downward spiral on the job and at home” after the death of his wife and young son. Until, that is, he saves a 10-year-old boy orphaned during a shootout with a criminal cartel. He and the boy proceed to go on the run, as Pine’s character “discovers he has enemies on both sides of the law and the border.”


Still, however much The Line's logline reads like an action-film grab-bag—women dying to teach men a life lesson, orphans, cartels, ambiguous bad guys, Chris Pine, etc.—director David Gordon Green at least has experience with this sort of thing. Previously known for comedies including Pineapple Express and Your Highness, Green’s latest drama, Joe (which opened to generally positive reviews at TIFF) is a gritty drama that follows a hardened man befriending a younger boy. Not to mention, The Line is written by The Walking Dead writer-producer Sang Kyu Kim who also has experience telling the story of a hardened man trying to take care of a young boy in a gritty world.

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