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Batman V. Superman

Wonder Woman’s appearance in the latest Batman V. Superman trailer was pretty brief, but apparently it was so brief that nobody noticed she was actually an old lady the whole time. Granted, she’s an Amazonian warrior who doesn’t age the same way us regular humans do, but it sounds like an important part of her origin story is going to happen further in the past than it normally does. That’s according to the only guy named Chris who isn’t in a Marvel movie, Chris Pine, who let it slip to The Toronto Sun that the solo Wonder Woman movie will be set in World War I.

In the film, Pine will be playing Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor, and the traditional version of their first meeting involves Trevor (a military guy of some sort) crash-landing on the island where Wonder Woman lives. This tends to happen during World War II (or in a more contemporary time, depending on the story), but pulling it back to the first World War is an interesting—if not especially ground-breaking—change. That’s pretty much all we know about the setting, but Pine adds that that the WWI-era costumes are “incredible,” so it sounds like at least some of the movie will take place away from Wonder Woman’s island.


Wonder Woman will be in theaters in June of 2017, and it will be directed by Monster‘s Patty Jenkins.

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