In a shocking display of defiance against Marvel’s monopoly on white dudes named Chris, Variety is reporting that Chris Pine is in talks to play Steve Trevor in DC’s upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Trevor is usually depicted as a generic Army guy (the specifics have varied a lot over the years) who finds himself washed up/crash landed on Paradise Island/Themyscira (again, it varies). There he meets Diana, a wonderful woman who decides to leave her home and tie up criminals with a lasso as the heroic Wonder Woman. We’re sure his backstory goes a little deeper than that—and he’s been an important part of Wonder Woman comics since they started back in the ’40s—but in light of today’s pro-female superhero movie casting news, let’s just say he’s Wonder Woman’s love interest and leave it at that. Another blow to misogyny!

Wonder Woman is being directed by Monster’s Patty Jenkins, who got the job after Michelle MacLaren dropped out in April, with Gal Gadot starring as Diana. The movie will be released at some point in 2017, after which Chris Pine will finally be able to bring his own superhero movie to the annual White Dudes Named Chris Convention.