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Chris O’Dowd and Ray Romano to star in Epix’s Get Shorty series

(Photo: Getty Images, Kevin Winter)

As reported by Deadline, Epix’s wholly necessary TV adaptation of the film Get Shorty is now finalizing deals for its two stars. Assuming those deals work out, funny Irish guy Chris O’Dowd (Girls, Bridesmaids) will be succeeding John Travolta as the tough mob guy who tries to become a money-laundering Hollywood producer. He’ll be appearing alongside Ray Romano (Ice Age: Collision Course, Ice Age: Continental Drift), who is replacing Gene Hackman in the role of the washed-up producer working with O’Dowd’s character.

The old Get Shorty from 1995 was directed by Barry Sonnefeld, and this new TV series is said to be a “reimagining” of Elmore Leonard’s original novel. Considering that Chris O’Dowd is taking over John Travolta’s role, “reimagining” seems like a good word for it. Epix’s Get Shorty is set to debut at some point next summer.


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