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Chris Messina will be back for The Mindy Project’s final season

The Mindy Project (Photo: Hulu)

Among the shiny, new toys it promoted during today’s TCA press tour panels, Hulu also presented a lengthy discussion on the final season of The Mindy Project. Though it first aired on Fox, the series was hailed at the panel as one of Hulu Originals’ elder statesmen—a term that would undoubtedly abhor its heroine, Mindy Lahiri. But Mindy Kaling, the star and creator of the show, accepted the title graciously. Along with her co-star Ike Barinholtz and executive producer/showrunner Matt Warburton, Kaling teased the final 10 episodes of her rom-com-ing-of-age series. What we’ll get are a lot of familiar faces, including the Duplass brothers and Adam Pally. Most important (to the plot; we’re not knocking the Duplasses or Pally), Chris Messina will return as Danny Castellano, the other half of the “will-they-won’t-they-why-did-they” dynamic. Kaling said the arrangements were made via text. The date of Danny’s return remains unknown, but The Mindy Project season six premieres September 12 on Hulu.


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