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Chris Messina turns menacing in The Sinner’s season 3 trailer

As previously announced, season three of the Jessica Biel-produced USA suspense drama The Sinner will star Matt Bomer and Chris Messina as former college pals who get caught up in a local conspiracy. TV Line reports that “Matt Bomer’s Jamie is the upstanding local resident at the center of it all” when he gets into a tragic car accident in upstate New York, “while Messina plays Nick, a college friend who pays Jamie a most unwelcome visit.” As always on The Sinner, on the case will be grizzled detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman.


As the trailer dropped today shows, all leads are perfectly cast, with Bomer frantically trying to figure a way out of the mess he’s caught in, while Messina—most recently cast as a romantic hero in The Mindy Project and a detective on the right side of the law in Sharp Objects—plays a bit against type as the menacing interloper. TV Line speculates that the car accident may involve Jamie and Nick hurtling toward a house in Dorchester, “And there’s reason to believe that the victim whose hand we see in the wreckage is Nick, since it’s Jamie who’s brought in for questioning.” Also, “Nick has dirt on Jamie, and Jamie doesn’t want it getting out.” As Pullman opines in the trailer, “There’s something else going on,” but isn’t that always the way? Color us intrigued, but we’ll still have to wait for awhile to see how this all plays out: A previous Sinner teaser announced that the show would be returning in 2020, with no update on the release date since then.

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