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Chris Messina joins the cast of The Sinner for season 3

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Good news for Danny Castellano fans: Veteran of several TV series Chris Messina (not just The Mindy Project, but The Newsroom, Damages, Six Feet Under) heads back to the small screen after his successful turn as Detective Richard Willis in HBO’s prestige mini-series Sharp Objects. TV Line announces that Messina is joining the cast of the USA series The Sinner as Matt Bomer’s college buddy.


The Sinner is an anthology series that takes on a different crime per season, investigated by detective Detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman. The series is based on the original crime novel by German writer Petra Hammesfahr. In this upcoming self-contained season, Detective Ambrose “investigates a tragic car accident in upstate New York,” reports TV Line, which includes uncovering “‘a hidden crime that pulls him into the most dangerous and disturbing case of his career,’ per the official logline.”

Bomer plays a local resident involved in the accident, with Messina his college pal whose visit “unexpectedly alters the course of their friendship and their lives.” Messina’s most recent foray into mysterious goings-on in seemingly bucolic towns in Sharp Objects should bode well for The Sinner’s third season, whenever it arrives; the premiere date is yet to be announced.

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