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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Chris Hemsworth, an assemblage of 400 individual pectoral and bicep muscles who also acts, is guest hosting Saturday Night Live. The episode will air March 7, and be the actor’s first appearance on the show. SNL tweeted the news this week, no doubt eager to unleash their 20-minute cold open spoofing the commercial blockbuster Blackhat. He will be joined by musical guest The Zac Brown Band, which was recently featured in Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways documentary series, where the group, like everyone else, tried to pretend the last four minutes of each episode didn’t happen. This will be SNL’s second installment after the monthlong hiatus following its post-40th anniversary special. The show returns this weekend with host Dakota Johnson and musical guest Alabama Shakes, coincidentally also the name of one of the sexual positions from Johnson’s hit film Fifty Shades Of Gray.


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