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Chris Hemsworth on Endgame: “I do not know really how it ends”

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An argument could be made that no one is more excited for the premiere of Avengers: Endgame this weekend than the cast of Avengers: Endgame, if only so journalists and talk show hosts will stop asking them to reveal spoilers they’re legally not allowed to reveal. On a recent appearance on Ellen, as reported by The Wrap, Chris Hemsworth stuck to the company line saying, “I have a rough idea of what happens, but no I have not seen the film, and I do not know really how it ends.”

This claim of ignorance is a fairly common one in the world of big budget franchises, but it’s not necessarily total BS. As Hemsworth says, they shot Infinity War and Endgame simultaneously over the course of eight months, with segments of both films being written or edited while they were already in production. By the end of it, all the Australian born actor could do was focus on his lines for that day and “trust that the directors had [him] in the right place.”


Still, one would think Hemsworth would remember if one of those lines was, “I can’t believe I, Thor, am dying right now and will never again appear in a Marvel film,” but he claims to be just as ignorant as anyone else when it comes to his character’s fate. “I feel like a fan of this whole thing as much as anyone and am interested to see if I live or die,” he tells Ellen. Regardless of where his character stands at the end of Endgame, Hemsworth admits he’d love to continue portraying the hammer-wielding Asgardian in some fashion, so that Ragnarok sequel isn’t totally out of the question. With his contract expiring, though, it’s going to cost Marvel a pretty penny.

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