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Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges, and Jon Hamm welcome you to the Bad Times At The El Royale trailer

There’s no shortage of movies set in hotels. From 1932's Grand Hotel all the way up to this week’s Hotel Artemis, the setting has been a ripe source for drama, comedy, violence, and everything in between. Bad Times At The El Royale looks to provide with you all of the above, and then a little more for good measure.


Sure, there are a lot of big names involved with this project. Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, Jeff Bridges, Nick Offerman, and more all play roles in the film, which takes place in the title location, a run-down way station in Lake Tahoe that’s half in California and half in Nevada. Each of its guests comes with secrets, and over the course of one very unusual evening, everything goes a little bananas. The trailer is sleek and appealing, promising mystery, mayhem, and Hamm doing what appears to be a daffy turn as a wannabe-slick hotelier. There also seems to be a dark side to the El Royale, with the implication of one-way mirrors, hidden passages, and a few of the guests engaged in some very illegal activities.

All of those mysteries and dark machinations are areas of expertise for writer-director Drew Goddard, helming the follow-up feature to his cinematic debut The Cabin In The Woods. That gleeful exercise in horror deconstruction and an unstable situation exploding in the most impressive possible way should prove excellent prep work for this film’s noir-meets-insanity vibe. Now that we have a strong trailer to back up the promise of all that talent behind and in front of the camera, this just entered the ranks of our most anticipated films of the year. Bad Times At The El Royale comes out October 5, 2018.

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