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Chris Hayes tells Seth Meyers how Tucker Carlson just gave him the best day of his life

Chris Hayes, Seth Meyers
Screenshot: Late Night With Seth Meyers

It’s been a weird week for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. Speaking to Seth Meyers on Wednesday’s Late Night, the All In host explained that, while every damned day in the past few years of covering the news feels like an “entire lifetime,” Monday was an especially odd, strangely refreshing change of pace. That’s when Fox News white supremacist haircut-don’t Tucker Carlson took time out of his busy schedule of looking confused while denigrating immigrants to mock Hayes as the ideal male of the feminist dystopia Carlson clearly imagines every night in his secret, shameful erotic nightmares. Meyers, picking up on the part where Hayes’ supposed unmanliness extends even to eyewear, asked his indeed-bespectacled guest if, in Carlson’s mind, the impending feminist takeover means all men will have to wear glasses. Hayes, clearly amused by trust-fund 80s teen movie villain Carlson’s inept bullying tactics, speculated that Carlson’s signature open-mouthed squinting might be the result of the Fox figure’s mulish resistance to seeking some girly-man corrective eye care. “The most macho thing you can do is drive your car without your glasses,” joked Hayes.

Hayes, who found himself on Carlson’s nightly hit list because he [checks notes] dared to host a town hall on climate change and the Green New Deal with Fox News’ current boogeyperson, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, thanked Carlson for giving him “the best 24 hours of social media of my life.” That since much of the world has spent the past day or so mercilessly dunking on, as one high-profile tweeter called Carlson, his “anthropomorphic baby penis” would-be tormenter. And, agreeing with Meyers, Hayes said that he’s happy to weather Carlson’s wet, feeble on-air slaps if it keeps the Fox News propagandist from making racist attacks on immigrants for a few minutes.


Hayes, decidedly unperturbed at the thought of any sort of altercation with “baked potato with a wig on” Carlson (high-profile tweeter’s words), went on to scoff amiably at the “news” part of Carlson’s Fox News headquarters. Calling it a “fabricated, ersatz version” of an actual news network, Hayes called watching the network akin to watching a news broadcast on a Broadway set, calling Carlson and his band of bloviating blowhards the knowingly fraudulent actors inthis little universe that they’ve created.” Noting that living only inside that slanted, fear-mongering little world can be “really toxic,” Hayes told Meyers, quoting another childish rich boy bully, “It’s the oranges of a lot of our problems.” Journalistic clapback, achieved.

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